SB Tube type 42

Cliny Sengstaken Blakemore SB Tube Type 42

Product use:
Completely made of silicone, the tube is extremely flexible and can be inserted or removed without injuring the esophageal mucosa. There is little risk of suffocation as blood and other liquids practically do not adhere to the wall.

Product Description


4 lumens
With moderate elasticity, the tube is not only easy to insert but also capable of effectively aspirating and evacuating the contents of the stomach, upper esophageal blood, and saliva, as it has large gastric and esophageal suction lumens.

With stylet
It is essential to maintain systemic circulation kinetics and hepatic blood flow in the event of digestive bleeding. In particular, if the bleeding site cannot be identified, it must be immediately stopped using a Blakemore tube. These tubes are equipped with a stylet, which allows them to be inserted more quickly than traditional tubes.

The low-pressure esophageal balloon, with excellent hemostatic effect
The internal pressure does not exceed 40 mm Hg for an external diameter of 32 mm.
As the total length is only 140 mm and the end near the stomach inflates more than the other, the risk of suffocation is low, so hemostasis can be achieved with a high degree of certainty.

Equipped with a sponge cushion
The probes feature a sponge cushion to be attached to the patient’s nostril as well as a clip that facilitates the opening and closing of the manometric line.

Easy-to-use manometric lines
The manometric lines are branches of the balloon lumen, and injections can be performed when the internal pressure is confirmed.
The gastric and esophageal manometric lines are distinguished by their color, blue and transparent respectively, increasing the safety of the operation.

Sizes Available

  • 002-182-0400    Type 42    16Fr
  • 002-182-0420    Type 42    18Fr
  • 002-182-0440    Type 42    20Fr