Dale 316 Foley Leg Catheter Holder

Dale Foley Leg Catheter Holder (316)

Product use:
The Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Leg Catheter Holder (316) is used to stabilise the indwelling catheter, reducing the likelihood of traumatic removal.

Product Description

The Dale Foley Leg & waistband Catheter Holder (316) work without restricting patient’s movements or irritating the skin. All Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Catheter Holders feature locking systems that securely anchor the catheter in place, reducing the risk of urethral erosion, bladder spasms and trauma.

  • The leg band, made entirely of soft stretch material, distributes compression evenly around the thigh to minimize circumferential pressure. Ideal for long-term catheterisation
  • The adhesive patch, with a skin-friendly adhesive base, is ideal for short-term catheterised patients
  • The locking devices speed up application and simplify adjustment
  • The holders can be used with equal effectiveness on all Foley catheters including Teflon, silver and silicone coated catheters
  • Leg band/waist band ideal for bariatric patients
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Sizes Available

316 – Leg Band, Fits up to 76 cm (30″)