NOBA Nasal Sling Bolster

Nasal Sling Bolster (NOBA)

Product use:
The NOBA nose bandage has a soft, cylindrical and highly absorbent viscose non-woven padding that is covered by an elastic knitted fabric.

Product Description

There are several ways how to fix the nose bandage: NOBARHINAL® basic is fixed with ear loops. This is particularly advantageous for bedridden patients. The long loops of NOBARHINAL® allow either a fixation behind the ears, or else the ends can be tied up at the back of the head. If used post-operatively, the nose bandage absorbs blood and wound secretions. In cases of colds the absorbent pad can be dripped with essential oils, so as to ease breathing. One folding box contains 10 NOBARHINAL® Nasal Slings or Nasal Bolsters.

Sizes Available

One size fits all (10 pack)