Dale 270 Stabilock Endotracheal Neck Band Adults

Dale Stabilock Endotracheal Neck Band Adults (270)

Product use:
The Dale Stabilock Endotracheal Neck band (270) is low profile and provides an easy way to secure endotracheal tubes and help prevent accidental extubation.

Product Description

  • Cushioned neck band is soft and comfortable on the face and neck
  • Skin-friendly adhesive can be left in place up to 3 days
  • Tubing channel is made of lightweight, flexible material to securely hold the endotracheal tube
  • Hook & loop closures provide a secure fit
  • Allows repositioning to reduce risk of skin and lip ulcerations
  • Easy access for oral care
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Sizes Available

270 – Fits endotracheal tube sizes 7.0mm-10.0mm
Includes adhesive base